There's A World ... Where People Create For The Sake Of Creating ... And I'm Stumbling Across It

For me, it started at Flash!Fiction then Micro Bookends and spiraled. What I'm experiencing is like going to Paris or Italy or anywhere I haven't been and moving from destination to destination simply on the word of the people I meet.

I did this during a trip to Santa Cruz, CA last summer: I got a morning coffee, chatted with the baristas, was joined in conversation by another coffee-seeking patron and before I knew it, I'm watching a surfing contest at Steamer Lane and eating Thai food for lunch at the best beach front Thai place (steering clear of the worst). Now I'm doing something similar through Twitter.

So far, every person represented in my anemic Twitter follower/followee count has given me somewhere new to go. Some awesome. neat-o place I'd have never found on my own. It's pretty rose silver spoon

It's not all red roses and silver spoons. I've added a few folks who endlessly tweet about how great their so and so product is or they insist on broadcasting inane self help tips that eventually tie into some kind of product they're selling. I don't begrudge these folks because selling is a numbers game and everyone knows it.

(It takes up to n number of "touches" to get a sell. I'm one of those touches you're not going to "sell". So I guess I'm a bad touch. Or a good touch, depending on how you look at it.)

These days I prefer the world of artists. People who create for the sake of creating. It's a beautiful world behind velvet ropes tucked inside a great big ugly one -- sort of like Disney World and central Florida. (I'm from Florida so I can mke fun of it.) Except Disney charges admission. And is part of a massive conglomerate. And you can't buy chewing gum. Maybe it's not exactly a Disney World after all. 

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