The AdContrarian Humorously Debunks Perceived Successes of SocMed Complaining

The AdContrarian delivers a funny and insightful diatribe on the impact of social media (SocMed) complaining. The term Digital Graffiti is a clever, although slightly inaccurate metaphor (not to mention already used in a different hows-our-product-1-800-freecontext). I suppose its brick and mortar equivalent would be spray painting an overpass, abandoned house or temporarily stalled railway car with unflattering epithets about a business that "done you wrong".

As usual, The AdContrarian boils the soap of marketing down to its common liquified components. And I usually find his stuff 99.99% pure.

After reading the post, a thought on a different angle occurred to me: if every complaint about a company or brand on Twitter was rewarded by a $5 coupon, that's a pretty brilliant marketing strategy. It's like a next gen "How's my driving? Call 1-800-555-1234" bumper sticker. But with the coupon strategy, you let a customer vent AND you send him/her a coupon

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