The AdContrarian Humorously Debunks Perceived Successes of SocMed Complaining

The AdContrarian delivers a funny and insightful diatribe on the impact of social media (SocMed) complaining. The term Digital Graffiti is a clever, although slightly inaccurate metaphor (not to mention already used in a different hows-our-product-1-800-freecontext). I suppose its brick and mortar equivalent would be spray painting an overpass, abandoned house or temporarily stalled railway car with unflattering epithets about a business that "done you wrong".

As usual, The AdContrarian boils the soap of marketing down to its common liquified components. And I usually find his stuff 99.99% pure.

After reading the post, a thought on a different angle occurred to me: if every complaint about a company or brand on Twitter was rewarded by a $5 coupon, that's a pretty brilliant marketing strategy. It's like a next gen "How's my driving? Call 1-800-555-1234" bumper sticker. But with the coupon strategy, you let a customer vent AND you send him/her a coupon to spend in your store on your (probably) overpriced goods. Win/Win

rail-car-grafMaybe someone will come up with a GroupOn style app called ComplainOn or GroupComplain or PileOn. The app would let customers vent class action style for the promise of coupons.  The company gets free feedback and the customers get unwittingly marketed to because ... they asked for it. I expect McDonald's and Taco Bell would get more complaints in one day than they get in an entire month. (Of course, McDonald's would be "lovin' it".) Especially if the coupons were for french fries or soft drinks.

Yep. There's a million billion dollars in that idea.

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