Running Notes On A Series Of Philosophy Lectures Given By Peter Millican Published By University Of Oxford: 1.3 From Aristotle to Galileo

Just for fun I'm watching a series of lectures given by Peter Millican in 2009. The lectures are published on YouTube by University of Oxford. 

aristotle quote 3(Sidebar: What a fascinating time we live in. The Internet, still in the infantile stages of its role in the technological extension of the human mind, serves up crunchy bits of knowledge to patrons like plates of calamari from the local crab shack. Had such a resource existed during my high school years, my grades may have been slightly less dismal. Ah, yes. The qualifying helping verb "may"-- the lament and soft security blanket of classic underachievers, dreamily upstaged only by the as oft employed hypothetically trance inducing "if only".)

I'm excited to hear the lectures.

I'll warn you ahead of time, my worldview specifies humans are, at their cores, consumed by self-interests at the expenses of other entities and, by nature, slouch toward less than

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