"Watts Up With That" Brings the Hammer Down on Trolls, Crushing Numerous Fictitious, Rabble-Rousing Skulls with One Mighty Blow ... Sort of

Some trolls are funny. Those are the trolls I can put up with (or up with put?).orange-hair-troll-image

It's the hate filled trolls with little white bits of saliva gummed up in the corners of their mouths I skip over (as opposed to skip under?). As you read the posts of these folks, you almost feel the flecks of body temperature spittle propelled by blasts of hot, garlic-infused bad breath flying at you as fast as simulated rocks in a Windows 98 Starfield screen saver.

Trolls are like MSNBC's Chris Matthews or John McLaughlin or anyone in the McLaughlin Group ranting six inches from your face. I like Chris Matthews ... sometimes. Just like I like Rush Limbaugh ... sometimes. I like the McLaughlin group ... all the time. I listen to all of them much less than ten years ago; mostly a clip here or there when someone posts some irresistible link bait or

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Climate Science And Horse Racing -- Place Your Bets!

Climate change science debating is fun to watch. Scientists on all sides and flavors (the skeptics and the convinced) go at each other like Tyson and Hoyfield. No punches are pulled, thinly veiled insults are hurled without regret and the occasional ear is bitten. When it comes to verbal sparring, career-ending/making peer reviews and pound for pound ridicule, these guys and gals hold their own.

Some ear biting is cute ... some isn't.
Images: versedonline.com and pinkbluelovescute.com

Today's climate change hot topic is continual adjustments to historical temperature data. The issue moved into the spotlight a few weeks ago when national media reported on a post by Steven Goddard (aka Tony Heller). The post claims adjustments, including estimated data for up to 40% of the USHCN dataset, caused a fake warming trend in the USA by cooling the 1930s and warming the 1990s. 

There are three sides in this debate: adjustments are good, adjustments are bad, need more data

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