Two Flash! Friday Entries for Dec 12, 2014 -- And One Did Alright -- Yeehaw!

Competing in Flash! Friday is more than a job (actually it's not a job at all) it's an adventure!

There's a great group of folks that create short fiction every Friday. I believe somewhere between 65 and 100 (the number varies depending on the weather) people write stories every week. Reading their stories is a quick way to get a fiction fix. This week marked the first week of the new year of competition.


141 words

Results: 1st runner up

Internet Dating Makes Me Nervous

Quarter 'til eight.

The naked woman reflected in the entryway mirror holding the hammer and a glass of fine, grocery store box wine has a pale, squishy belly that looks like a thick slice of Wonder Bread dipped in milk. I pretend she's not me. She smiles. Her teeth are nice. Probably uses whitestrips.

Ten 'til eight.

A stoned marching band bass drummer has taken up residence in my chest. My heartbeat is heavy and out of sync. Wonder if this one will live up to his macho chatroom persona? MommasBadBoy666, GitHerDone69 and TheRibbedTickler were all strikingly, STRIKINGLY disappointing.

Five 'til eight.

I'm shaking like a D-list celebrity in rehab. Gulp the wine. Toss the glass. Dim the lights and slip into the shadows. I expect DangerRanger82 will be just as pathetic as the others. And just as easy to kill.



156 words

Results: Did not place

Jenny Got Another Chicken For Her Birthday

Jenny continued plucking the chicken with her toes while Jerry sipped wine through a bendy straw. For the last twenty years, Jenny asked for the same thing for her birthday. This year she even spelled it out: D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Jerry still heard “chicken”.

“Jenny, gaze upon the luminous auburn celestial sphere suspended over the jutting crags.”

Jerry loved stringing fancy words together and often said, “Language is a muscle. You got to exercise it otherwise it could only do girly push-ups.”

Jerry raised a leg and placed a fine Italian gerbil skin moccasin on the rail, kicking over Jenny’s feather pile in the process.

The feathers stirred then settled, revealing the winning lotto numbers in ancient Sanskrit. Unfortunately Jenny had only taken a semester of Spanish in high school and Jerry, convinced a guy could learn more on the mean streets than in the classroom, had walked out of Pre-K during story time and never looked back.


Photo: Wine Glass. CC2 photo by BlakJakDavy

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