Forgetting The "t" In Several Words Looses The Venom Of A Villainous Grammarian Sparking An Untoward Retort From A Guy Stuck In Pseudo Late 19th Century Writing Mode

image2993The following is a paraphrased retelling of a (not so) heated exchange between an anonymous male and an anonymous female in a community forum. To the best of my recollection this story is both true and accurate (and I may have been one of the participants.)

The setup: Someone (maybe me) posted a comment in which two consecutive words were missing their lower case "t's".

Caused by a sticky key? Perhaps.

An unintentional bungling by a typist who singularly prefers fingering keyboard keys with a single finger? Probably.

In retrospect, a minuscule pea of a mistake bobbing in such a thick porridge of mistakes as to reduce it to largely unworthy of any attention much less a random opining and judgment? Definitely.  

Providing entertainment to break life's daily monotony? Well, yeah.

The exchange:

"Such sloppily edited comments lead one to assume the other cares little about reputation, propriety and, frankly, civility. ", wrote she.

"In fact, one cares for correctness in commenting as much as one cares for a newly come John Grisham, but not quite as much as one cares for Sunday supper at Grandma's, but quite a bit more than one cares for experiencing a bowel movement.", wrote he.

Continued he, "That is unless, of course, one has not experienced a bowel movement in several moons. Then, of course, one is forced, not by simple wont nor by rule of self but by sheer necessity and by rule of nature, to, with due haste, relocate experiencing a bowel movement to the preeminent spot on one's list of things wholly worth caring about."

"Such vulgarity.", replied she.

"Quite such.", replied he.

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