Publishing A Satirical News Website, It's A Milestone Sorta Like Publishing A NaNoWriMo Novel No One Will Ever Read ... Sorta

I did it. No, not that. No, not that either. I mean I did it. The big one. You know ...

I finally did something with

It's a satirical news site that no one will ever read. But that's okay. Writing stuff that no one will ever read has never stopped most poets.

  • It gives me a place to write. Short pieces. Fast. 
  • It gives me a place to tinker with code, like adding subtitles to my Joomla articles. Joomla is PHP driven. I don't write code in PHP. I'm more of a Python guy.

Don't let anyone tell you writing code is too hard for you to do. About 7 years ago, back when Silverlight was a thing, I taught myself XAML and C# and wrote an entire project for a major company in it in about 2 months. Silverlight was/is awesome. I even used Silverlight to develop a prototype app and launch a start up with investors and everything. Too bad things didn't go our way.

Anyway, I discovered Python while managing a team of about 45 people. Our production job systems was broken and the support team needed to retool, so I wrote a system in Python that worked nicely as a stop gap for three months until we could commission a dev team to build a scalable enterprise solution.

And reports -- I wrote a lot of automated reports in Python. When you're managing large teams of people in a factory-esque environment, data-driven systems are not optional.  

I used Python to hit MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Postgres, SQLite -- and the awesome thing-- I was learning Python as I went. I didn't know it from REXX (an IBM mainframe language I dabbled in fifteen years ago working as a systems programmer/DBA on big iron (z/VM, s390, zSeries).

Python is fast, easy to code in, easy to create in, easy to build in. I can literally have an idea and implement it in code almost as fast as I can write a blog post. It's like reading work by a certain type of author, something in you lights up. Python is like that for me. It fits me and my style of thinking.

Anyway, once you get a few fundamentals under your belt, you can pick up just about any programming language and hack around. Don't let anybody tell you different. Most popular languages were created between the same bookends, the same paradigms--I/O, processor, memory, storage, binary code--so of course they're going to be similar.

So, yeah, Bad Thinker. It's okay if nobody but me ever reads it. It's mine and I like it.

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