Playing With Adobe Muse Turns Into Working With Adobe Muse

I heart Joomla! And always will. Lately I've been "playing" with Adobe Muse. (I'm already a huge fan of InDesign and Edge Animate. And I'm starting to use Illustrator and Photoshop more than I use GIMP and Inkscape.)

Joomla handles a different workload than Muse. If I ever put the effort into turning into the Onion-esque satirical destination I know it can be (in my head), then Joomla is by far and away the CMS de résistance. But for building simple, elegant web designs really fast -- Muse is fantastic. So far, it's the ultimate WYSIWYG++ editor.

Recently I built a Joomla! site. I tweaked the CSS and fonts as usual to get a certain look and feel, but I wan't satisfied with the result. (The site is essentially a souped-up landing page.) As an exercise, I decided to put the design and copy in Muse. Within two hours I

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